November 4, 2012

Odds, Ends and Bits

I haven't posted in a few days mainly because I've still been sickish, busy and flat out exhausted. Basically going to post the odds and ends that happened over the last 3-4 days and get back on track for next weeks posting.

On Wednesday the Halloween party was better than expected. I only worked a few hours Wednesday morning, went to class and had to take afternoon off of work because I was still sick. Went home, napped, went to the barn, fed all the horses - didn't work Echo - and went and plopped on the couch in the house. It was mostly laid back, didn't watch any overly scary movies, had good food and no one really dressed up. Also got news that my barn owners horse riding invention got through the patent search and was time stamped as submitted to the Federal Patent Office so I'll be posting about that more probably next week.

Thursday was about the same. I got to the barn at a decent time, groomed Echo and then lunged her for less than 5 minutes before I was tired and ready to just lay on the ground and sleep. So I just called it a night and went home. Only two things really happened in the time I was there Thursday.

1) Most exciting part of the day was the fact I put her bridle on without a bit to size it to her, and then decided to put the bit on her. I put her halter on over the bridle so I wasn't putting any pressure on it and I could still tie her if needed. So I let her sit with the bit on while I groomed her and for the first 20 minutes or so she didn't care at all and then started getting a little antsy with it and I took the bridle off before she got to the point of frustration and hating the annoying thing in her mouth.

2) I decided I hated my 'custom' grain. As I posted before there was corn in it when I threw a fit about wanting no corn when I ordered it in the first place. Secondly, the horses did not like it. At all. Dakota regularly ate his hay before going onto his grain and Echo pretty much just picked at it. I called the grain mill and told them my concerns and after a lot of hassle and back and forth they agreed for me to return it. I went to Tractor Supply and bought a bag of Nutrena SafeChoice to try out. It still has corn in it, but I trust it's carbohydrate control to feed to Dakota. I was going to try the Nutrena LifeDesign Complete on Echo but figured if they both like the SafeChoice I'll feed that and then special order the SafeChoice Perform for Echo in the spring when her training increases. Since they're on a new grain - that means redoing their diet of course on FeedXL and new charts will be coming in the future.

Friday Dakota had a farrier appointment at 3:30 but I forgot I had a vet appointment for my cat at 4:00. Bumped the farrier up to 12:20 to accommodate the day. I went and returned my 'custom' grain before meeting the farrier and they didn't give me any hassle about the return. Farrier and I agreed to try Dakota barefoot and see how he goes. She lives really close and if we need shoes on him again she can come out and do it. Since I had time to burn before going home and getting my cat for his appointment, I did stalls and got them ready so all I had to do in the evening was bring them in. After a 2 hour visit to the vet with my cat, I took him with me to the farm - since it's only about 3/4 mile away - and put the horses in. I agreed for K to spend the night at my house so we could hang out. So we went back to my house, just hung out and watched movies and ate pizza.

Echo and her TB buddy, Glitch
Sleepy in her field on Friday
She really needs to grow into those ears!
Saturday morning K and I got up early and were back at her house / barn by 9:00 and we left for a tack sale a barn was holding about 45 minutes away. It was bigger than I expected, but no where near the size of the one in December or March that we have. I did manage to find a REALLY nice leather halter for Echo. I got it for $12 and its quality would probably put it in the $70ish range brand new. I'm semi convinced that it's Kentucky made because of the style and stitching used but I can't tell for sure. It fits her perfectly too! We got back to the farm around 1:30 and I again got both of my stalls ready early and headed to my grandparents for the evening to finish watching the Breeders' Cup and watch Notre Dame football.
Her in my $12 halter find!
Dakota watching Echo

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  1. Lovely new halter - hope you're feeling better and that Dakota gets on ok without his shoes. Have Kika shoeless over a year now and love the cheaper bills! :p