November 27, 2012

Quick Update - 11/27

Soo after calling into work yesterday not feeling well I got a phone call from my barn owner that Echo wasn't feeling well.

She finished her dinner the night before but showed no interest in her breakfast. I got out there as fast as possible. After messing around with her a little I could tell she was off. After a call to the vet and ruling out colic I gave her some bute to see if it would help. I feed her as normal per vet instructions and she started nibbling on her grain.

Went home and ate dinner then went back to barn around 8. She was eating better but still looked to be in discomfort.

She has been straining to urinate and it isn't like her being in heat because she looks uncomfortable in the process.

Vet is coming out late morning to check her out. Fingers crossed we find the problem!

1 comment:

  1. Keeping everything crossed for the pair of you to make speedy recoveries!

    Get well soon ladies!

    Healing vibes winging their way from Europe!

    A x