November 24, 2012

Luck of the Irish!

I've had a few rather uneventful days since my ride on Thursday. Yesterday Dakota's dressage girth and Echo's new girth arrived. Both fit!!!! Ill actually be able to ride with a properly tightened girth on Dakota again and ill be able to get a girth on Echo without straining every arm muscle to get it to buckle.

We've had snow and COLD temperatures since Friday morning and it has killed my motivation to work Echo. I plan on doing some ground work with her later today.

If you dislike football, stop reading now - no horse content from here on!

Love. Notre Dame. Football.

I remember being 3-4 years old and having my grandparents over on a Saturday afternoon to watch Notre Dame football. I remember requesting to watch the movie Rudy over cartoons. I also remember breaking down crying at a young age after hearing the words "when you grow up you'll go to Notre Dame" one too many times and proclaiming "but I don't want to play football" - safe to say I was born a Notre Dame fan. Yes Kentucky is my #1 basketball, ND will always be #1 football .

South Bend is only a 45 minute drive from me so I've been on the ND campus many times. I wish I had gone there simply because of how gorgeous the campus is.

If I happen to stay in Michigan after my bachelors degree (which is far from the plan) I would have to consider getting my masters degree from Notre Dame instead of Western Michigan. Time will only tell - for now I'm just anxious for the BCS Championship game!!!

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  1. Can't say I follow football, but Love the title of the thread - although we are far from lucky, so not sure where that saying comes from! :p

    Am a massive rugby fan though, so completely "get" your love for the sport. :D