November 14, 2012

Dentist Time!

This afternoon, the equine dentist is coming! I don't know why this excites me. Maybe its my personal love of visiting the dentist. Yes, I love the dentist. Nothing beats the feeling of freshly cleaned teeth and receiving a piece of mind that there are no other problems going on.

The guy I'm using from Superior Equine Dentistry has been recommended to me by several people so I'm pretty confident going into this on the work he'll do with them.

I'm not sure if Echo has ever had her teeth floated. I'm sure she has at some point, but I'm going to assume she hasn't. From me playing with her mouth a little, I don't feel wolf teeth, but of course that doesn't mean they're not there. So I get to set her on a dental schedule and make sure there are no problems to prevent me from starting to introduce a bit.

Dakota gets hooks really really easily. He really should be floated every 10 months, yearly is pushing it. He's terrible about having his teeth done on top of it, and usually needs a dose of a tranquilizer. He last had his teeth done in August of 2010 so he's WAY overdue. I have tried time after time to get the name / number of this guy I'm using but was never able to get it out of anyone. Finally got the name and had one of those thank god for Google moments so I could just search for a phone number.

Anyway, I'll update tomorrow with a recap of what he found on both horses. Fingers crossed for a good dental visit!

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  1. Hope all went well!

    Not a fan of the dentist myself, which reminds me i really need to make an appointment - it's been too long!
    Kika get's everything checked more often then I do for myself! Typical! :p