November 25, 2012

Bits Bridles & Side Reins

I got to the barn early yesterday, around 3 and got stalls cleaned and unloaded my bags of grain and hay pellets.

Brought Echo in and groomed and lived on her. She seemed much more interested in me over the 1/2 flake of hay I gave her to munch on.

I saddled her up - she was a little fidgety for being further but handled it pretty well overall and stood still by the time I was done saddling her.

I put her bridle on and put her halter on over. This way she could learn the feel of a bit with no pressure on the bit.

I free lunged her w/t/c which she loved! She was full of energy and managed a slightly pathetic buck. I then put her on the line since K was going to be riding Glitch. I also decided to put my side reins on my saddle. Main reason being so she could feel something on the bit. I'm not a huge fan of side reins since I've found horses can become reliant on them way too fast. I kept them on the longest hole tonight since the last thing I wanted them to do was pull on her face.

She didn't mind the side reins at all. I walked and trotted her on the line with them on. She has improved a ton on the lunge line! The last few sessions I've been able to walk / trot her, ask her to stop, switch directors and change from walk > trot and trot > walk. She still doesn't live moving to the right but is much better about it and doesn't throw her butt into the one corner.

I ended our training session by making her stand next to the mounting block. I stood on the block and wiggled the saddle, just pet her and pushed a little on the saddle seat. She just stood there playing with the bit and sticking out her tongue. Ended the night with another grooming and lots of cookies for the good pony!

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  1. Great to hear all is going well with Miss Echo.
    Keep up the great work - love the first picture. She has such a kind eye!