November 20, 2012

Supplements The Lazy Way

Before I start... I'd like to say I love SmartPak and if they carried the 3-4 supplements I use I'd probably get SmartPak's for both horses. I love their services, supplements, all of it so this is nothing against them. But alas, I don't see the point in SmartPak's if I'm still going to be scooping supplements for ones that they don't carry. Also for the record, I've contacted SmartPak about carrying this particular brand of supplements.

So I bought 8 packs of the Gladware 3oz food containers, 4 packs for each horse - 32 individual containers for each. The 8 packs came out to roughly $30. Then I bought 2 drawers to store the containers in which came out to about $16. So for $46 I have reusable containers that the amount I spent, makes up for what I'd save in using all SmartPak supplements in about a month and a half's time.

Before I made this decision - I took a step back and looked at my combo of supplements to make sure nothing would interfere with each other by being mixed together. I do this anyway before I decide what supplements to feed at what meal but being mixed together adds a new element. 

Months worth being prepared.
Finished off with a therapeutic dose of psyllium! 
Pretty layers
30 fitted pretty in the drawer. I can squeeze 32 in there but it ruins the pretty-ness.

Starting tonight I'm staying at my Grandparents. One good, or bad depending on how you look at it, about holiday weekends is it never fails I'm asked to pet sit. This time though, I've got my hands full.

Tuesday to Tuesday - Grandparents house. 15 min from my house, 20 to the barn and 35 to the college. Taking my cats with me since I'll be there a solid week. Yay for a house of 4 cats!

Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon - Neighbors dog and cat which means driving from my grandparents to her house multiple times a day.

Thursday night and Friday morning - Friends 2 dogs, cats and horse. At least this one is on my way to the others!

I can see already my time with my horses will be limited with my running around but I plan on doing some work with them at least Thursday and Friday afternoon / early evening.


  1. Wow, that is a lot of work sorting & storing those supplements. Well done you! :D
    I'm terrible and don't feed supplements, bar the one prescribed by the vet for her liver troubles from earlier in the year.
    I should probably look into giving her something, but there is so much out there it is such a minefield to me - it goes in the same category in my brain as "don't use google for an illness research" - info overload and scare-ville central!

    I hope you have a wonderful break, although it def sounds like you will be well busy running around looking after pets!

    1. Yea it is a lot of work getting them all put together but I figure a little time out of my afternoon over the weekend is better than doing all of it on a nightly basis.

      I know what you mean about supplements. I didn't feed anything forever but started once I got recommendations from reliable people :)