August 26, 2014

Two Weeks and Counting

I don't know if I should cry, laugh, be sad, be happy, be scared or anything. Today, I gave my two week notice at Equibase. I've accepted the job in Louisiana. I don't want to leave Kentucky, I don't want to leave my friends aka my real family. However, I never want to sit and wonder what if and regret an opportunity that passes by. 

My last day is September 10th and I'll be packing up and driving down on the 11th. First day working will be the 15th. Not 100% where I'll be living but I'll be staying at one of the owners house for the first few days until I seal the deal with an apartment - only so much I can do from here. 

Dakota is being shipped down but they are hauling him for me so I'm not 100% when he will be arriving but finding something official for him to live is second on the list. There's too many options right now and again, it's hard for me to make a final call from Kentucky. 
Solo riding with Dakota.
Echo... is staying in Kentucky. I will still own her obviously but I feel like she deserves a chance to continue training and compete with Lauren. One of the biggest factors was if Echo would handle me not around since everyone agrees that's partly why Texas with her was such a failure. However, Echo really loves Lauren and they get along great. The times I've been out of town, Lauren has continued to work with her and there doesn't seem to be any change in Echo's behavior these days if I'm not around while she's worked. Yippee for a mentally maturing Echo. Also instead of going to Aiken or Ocala for a few weeks over winter break, Lauren is considering coming to me instead since there are a few farms in the area that have places to cross country school etc.

Two more new photos from the jumper show back in July. 
She's not competing this weekend as originally planned. Her hooves have been chipping with all the rain. The hind hoof she injured while she's sound on it and the structure of the hoof is fine, everyone agrees if she hit it just right it'd probably not be a good situation. One of those deals I had to step back and realize it's only been 6 months since she injured the hoof. 
Hoof peeling and chipping... Yay....
Hopefully I get opportunities to visit Kentucky with work and if not, I get vacation time to use for things like Rolex, racing stuff and Echo showing. 

Ice bucket challenge at work. Such a production.

August 8, 2014

Post Trip Hangover

I haven't had an ounce of energy to type a post since coming home Tuesday evening so I apologize. I swear I cannot leave work for more than my normal 2 days off without coming back to a pile of things to do. Anyways.

It's not much of a secret at this point because I'm terrible at keeping secrets when it comes to my own life happenings. Another person's deep dark secrets never leave me but my own stuff... not so much. Anyways, I'm exploring the possibility of a job at a thoroughbred farm. The farm however, is in Louisiana. Nothing is certain yet but I'll update more as it progresses.

I headed to the airport Friday after work and arrived in Houston for my layover without problem. However, a cancelled connecting flight, airport food vouchers and a free night in a hotel I got to Louisiana on Saturday morning. 

As soon as I got there we got on the road to travel another 3 hours north to Shreveport / Louisiana Downs. The owners/trainer I was visiting had three horses in stakes races so it was a good chance to see Louisiana Downs. I'll say this, the track was very... small and quaint. Even the small tracks I've visited before have the tv screens in the in-field for you to watch the race unfold. Not there, you had to go high enough to see over the tote board and watch them run from there or go inside to watch on a small tv. Still exciting as always to watch races though and the gelding that's my favorite of theirs ran 2nd in his stakes race. 

Lion before running 2nd in his race.
Sunday I got the chance to go around and see the farm(s) and more of the area. There's the horse farm portion being built, cattle farm, training farm where yearlings and racehorses go and a golf course. 

Cottage & pond at the cattle farm.
Cow. Moo.
Sleepy filly!

I spent rest of my time getting to know the owners and helping out at the golf course which is getting ready to reopen after renovations. 

Home. Seeing a equine airline cheers me up after another close call of flight status changes.