May 11, 2016

Meet Woven Web '16!

It's a filly!

Echo was 340 days on May 4th but vet uses 343 days so we were hoping she would go on schedule and not run late like mares seem to be doing this year. She didn't disappoint and foaled a healthy baby filly on May 6th (242 days).

Day before foaling
Water broke at 1:44 am, born at 2:26 am. She was very lazy about pushing at first and did a lot of getting up and down. Had trouble pushing past the shoulders but with lots of pulling, she was able to birth her without any other assistance. Filly tried standing almost immediately and was fully standing by 2:50am and nursing by 4:00am. Echo of course held onto the placenta, delaying us going back to bed. It passed later in the morning and they both had a vet check that afternoon.
Yep... Echo's baby with those ears.
Legs! Standing for first time.
Super thankful she foaled on time and I got to spend 5 days with them after she was born and that Echo produced a so far nice filly for my friends. Fingers crossed for a successful rebreeding this year!

I'll post more photos once I have them on my computer and/or more get sent!

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