March 25, 2013

Photo Update

This is going to be another super short update with few words and some pictures. I'm still staying with family and am without wifi and any decent speed of Internet to be productive.

Echo 5th Ride = Check
Echo Trot Under Saddle = Check
Echo Canter Under Saddle = Check
Echo First Trip on Trails = Rode outside 50ish feet, got off before she spazed out then lead her around on the trails.

March 12, 2013

5 Months of Echo

As of Saturday, Echo has been in Michigan for 5 months!! When I look over that time, she's come so far and it makes me proud of her.

Yesterday before having to drive to the hospital to visit family I went to the barn to do stalls and get things ready for the evening. I had enough time that I groomed and tacked up Echo. My barn owner / trainer offered to lead her around for me so I climbed up on Mareface. We worked on two things. 1) Echo stopping off of my seat, me literally not even touching the reins. I had to start by leaning wayyyyy back, but by the end I was able to barely shift my weight and turn my toes into her shoulders and she was stopping perfect. Next time I ride I'll only start about 1/2 as extreme in my queuing her to halt and refine it even more. 2) My trainer started by leading us around. Then she handed me the lead rope that was attached to her bridle and kept walking next to her. Then... she stood in middle of arena and let me ride her in a circle around her, finally leaving the arena letting me have full control of Echo. She was her usual rockstar self!!! When I stopped her to dismount, she was relaxed with one hind leg resting. Nothing yet has phased this mare. <3

Also my Wintec Isabell arrived yesterday! I can't wait to put it on her and go for a ride. I just need replacement screws and a different gullet and I'll be good to go. Both of which I should have by next week.

Congrats Echo, you look like a gangly 2yo Thoroughbred. Time to get a topline!

RIP Glitch. Glitch as put down Friday afternoon. The vet was out right angry that he didn't respond to any treatment. He has performed a free autopsy because he believes there was something more going on than colic. Waiting for some test results to come back for full report. Echo will miss her pasture buddy and Dakota will miss his riding buddy. 

I don't know if it is fate or pure coincidence that Saturday K and my barn owner found a 7 year old registered Trakehner gelding for sale in eastern Michigan. They bought Fusion on Sunday. He is a very nice looking gelding, good find on their end for an amazing price, but I still miss Glitch :(

March 8, 2013

Inside Rein, Outside Leg

I feel like yesterday's ride on Dakota was the opposite of the last ride I had on him.

My trainer was trying to get me to do one thing, but I was already doing it, she just didn't realize that. After a solid 30 minutes of confusion we got all straightened out and had a better second half of our ride.

Keeping my leg in a better position was much easier, meaning my leg exercises are helping (I think). I still had a hard time keeping my outside leg still but much better.

In not so good news, Echo's pasturemate, Glitch, started displaying signs of colic on Sunday night, vet came and tubed him Monday with a positive attitude toward his recovery. Tuesday he went downhill and had to be drove to the clinic in a blizzard. At this point the impaction is still there but it's not a total blockage since things are still moving a little. He's on IV fluids and trying to keep him comfortable until it passes. Fingers crossed for K and Glitch on a good outcome.

March 4, 2013

Quick Update: March 4

Hello blog world.

I'm finally starting to feel better. Just battling an annoying cough on and off. This week is spring break but it may as well be winter break with the temperatures  That being said I still haven't had a chance to ride with sick, temperatures and a family medical emergency that's still leaving me making almost daily trips to the hospital.

I did manage to snap a photo of Echo Saturday when I was out feeding. 

Today Echo's pasture-mate had a colic episode and had to be tubed for an impaction. Things are looking great with him though! Since the vet was out, we decided to have him pull blood for coggins. Took total advantage of the barn owner paying for the farm call!

In Dakota news he is now breaking into Echo's field on a daily basis and we've pretty much decided to just let him be over with the horses he actually likes.

I ordered patterns to make my own dressage show coat. Being a 2 horse owner with no job is leaving my pocket of money rather empty so I need to find shortcuts to make showing a possibility. Between my grandma and barn owner, I think we'll be able to make one for about $40! GLASS-Ed membership has been sent in for showing. I nominated both Echo and Dakota in the year end award division for walk / trot equitation class they offer and the Intro Level 1st Year Rider awards. Which means I definitely need to commit to 3 shows to make it worthwhile. Fingers crossed. Also means I gotta get on mareface if there's any chance of her getting points!

My Wintec Isabel is on it's way to me as well! Can't wait to take it for a spin.

Random pic of my senior high school pictures taken with Dakota. My grandma had it laying around this weekend when I was at their house.

March 1, 2013

Prospective Dates: The Thoroughbreds - Simba Twist

(Sato x Erotic Twist)

Simba Twist is a 2008 thoroughbred stallion currently standing in southern Ontario Canada at Blazing Colours Farm. He is 16.1+ hands and is a registered Buckskin Sabino. Also dual registered with the Jockey Club and APHA. He is currently in training and should be competing soon. His first season as a stallion was in 2012 so I'm anxiously awaiting to see his foals in 2013.

Pictures as a 2 year old in 2010 from the owners website.

His sire, Sato is a 16 Hand Palomino Sabino stallion that is dual registered with the Jockey Club and APHA. He has been a successful stallion for his owners and was made a Breyer Horse Model in 2010 and attended BreyerFest. Sato is semi retired but still breeds on select mares.

His dam, Erotic Twist is from the family of famed show jumper, Gem Twist. From the Blazing Colours Farm site: "What a fantastic sporthorse pedigree this mare has. Her dams sire (New Twist) was an open jumper and his sire (Bonne Nuit) represented the USET internationally. Bonne Nuit sired many great jumpers one being Hazelwood who was on 6 winning USET & Nations cup teams. New Twist sired Good Twist who was and is one of the greatest open jumpers ever."

Simba Twist has two full siblings:
Mocha Twist 2007 Gelding

Picasso Twist 2010 Colt

It's pretty obvious that this selection is partially based on color but there's more to it than color. First of all, there is the dam, Erotic Twist. No sporthorse person would ever pass up the chance to breed related to Gem Twist. It's clear the ability of this line has been passed through generations. All three of Erotic Twist's foals at Blazing Colours Farm are athletic and talented. The entire pedigree screams jumper! As far as Simba Twist himself, I believe he is a well proportioned individual and would suit Echo just fine.