March 12, 2013

5 Months of Echo

As of Saturday, Echo has been in Michigan for 5 months!! When I look over that time, she's come so far and it makes me proud of her.

Yesterday before having to drive to the hospital to visit family I went to the barn to do stalls and get things ready for the evening. I had enough time that I groomed and tacked up Echo. My barn owner / trainer offered to lead her around for me so I climbed up on Mareface. We worked on two things. 1) Echo stopping off of my seat, me literally not even touching the reins. I had to start by leaning wayyyyy back, but by the end I was able to barely shift my weight and turn my toes into her shoulders and she was stopping perfect. Next time I ride I'll only start about 1/2 as extreme in my queuing her to halt and refine it even more. 2) My trainer started by leading us around. Then she handed me the lead rope that was attached to her bridle and kept walking next to her. Then... she stood in middle of arena and let me ride her in a circle around her, finally leaving the arena letting me have full control of Echo. She was her usual rockstar self!!! When I stopped her to dismount, she was relaxed with one hind leg resting. Nothing yet has phased this mare. <3

Also my Wintec Isabell arrived yesterday! I can't wait to put it on her and go for a ride. I just need replacement screws and a different gullet and I'll be good to go. Both of which I should have by next week.

Congrats Echo, you look like a gangly 2yo Thoroughbred. Time to get a topline!

RIP Glitch. Glitch as put down Friday afternoon. The vet was out right angry that he didn't respond to any treatment. He has performed a free autopsy because he believes there was something more going on than colic. Waiting for some test results to come back for full report. Echo will miss her pasture buddy and Dakota will miss his riding buddy. 

I don't know if it is fate or pure coincidence that Saturday K and my barn owner found a 7 year old registered Trakehner gelding for sale in eastern Michigan. They bought Fusion on Sunday. He is a very nice looking gelding, good find on their end for an amazing price, but I still miss Glitch :(


  1. Aw, poor Glitch :( Love the dressage saddle!

  2. RIP Glitch, such a sad loss for all involved. Hope the new horse works out for them.

    Delighted to hear all is going so well with Echo, she sure does sound like a rockstar! Hope all goes well with sourcing the parts for the saddle and you can crack on with the great work ye are doing!