March 8, 2013

Inside Rein, Outside Leg

I feel like yesterday's ride on Dakota was the opposite of the last ride I had on him.

My trainer was trying to get me to do one thing, but I was already doing it, she just didn't realize that. After a solid 30 minutes of confusion we got all straightened out and had a better second half of our ride.

Keeping my leg in a better position was much easier, meaning my leg exercises are helping (I think). I still had a hard time keeping my outside leg still but much better.

In not so good news, Echo's pasturemate, Glitch, started displaying signs of colic on Sunday night, vet came and tubed him Monday with a positive attitude toward his recovery. Tuesday he went downhill and had to be drove to the clinic in a blizzard. At this point the impaction is still there but it's not a total blockage since things are still moving a little. He's on IV fluids and trying to keep him comfortable until it passes. Fingers crossed for K and Glitch on a good outcome.

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