November 8, 2012

Riding Time!

Dakota was suppose to start giving lessons to a 13-14yo girl last night, but something came up last minute so they had to cancel. Which ended up being for the best in the long run. I was tired and did not feel like being out in the cold that long. I thought great, I'll be home for dinner for once this week. Nope. 

Shortly after getting to the barn, K started begging me to ride with her. She even went as far as telling me she'd bring Dakota in, groom and saddle him. Then she dumped my wheelbarrow for me and continued the begging. I agreed as long as I could use her dressage saddle since my stirrups weren't back on my saddle yet and my dressage girth was at home.

So..... I finally got on. It was great to be back in the saddle! I had only been on three times since my knee injury this spring. Once when I tried riding about 12 weeks ago, once when I rode Glitch after K conned me into trying him out and the past Sunday I got on Dakota for a very short ride.

I still haven't gotten back on in my Courbette dressage saddle so I don't feel quite back yet since all I've rode for the last year has been dressage. Riding in my AP feels quite odd... It use to be my saddle of choice until my dressage saddle came this spring. Other than the fact that it's a poorly made, cheap and uncomfortable saddle - I just don't feel balanced in it anymore. I think next year is the year for me to search for a new CC or AP to use for hacking and general riding after I get my Courbette reflocked. Yes I know that AP's are controversial, but I have no interest in jumping and pretty much want one just for when I go on trails or don't want to use my Courbette that day.

I gave Echo the evening off from lunging. I did put a saddle pad on her back and left it there the entire time I rode - she flat out didn't care, even when it fell to the ground she didn't flinch!

Planning on working Echo tonight, might ride Dakota again tomorrow night.

Fuzzy Dakota Before Our Sunday Ride


  1. Glad to hear all went well with Dakota, hopefully knee holds up and you can get back to riding full time. :D