November 7, 2012

I (dis)Like Big Butts & I Cannot Lie

If Echo was a human, Sir Mix A Lot would be disappointed to learn she's loosing her juicy butt. I know not everyone would be excited to post about their horses butt, but I'm definitely not one to follow that trend.

Hard to tell in this photo since it was pitch black and taken on my iPhone. Also makes her look REALLY dirty like I didn't groom her. At any rate, here's a photo of her improved butt. I'll have to look through my photos at home to see if I have a comparison. As you can sorta see, there is no crease around the tail head and her butt has shrunk. Before, she looked like she had a giant QH butt and her spine column was a good 1 - 1/2 inches lower than her blubber.

In other Echo news, I think I've found the solution to her being stubborn while lunging her. She's been super excited to get to her stall. I'm pretty sure she hasn't figured out the twice a day hay schedule and every time I bring her in she thinks its going to be her last meal. So last night I put her in her stall while K was riding and arena was in use. Let her eat for a bit and then I took her in the arena to work. It was almost night and day in her willingness! So from now on when I plan to work her, I'm going to let her go in her stall at least 10 - 15 minutes to munch on some hay.

Last night I got her to walk and trot her bad way on a lunge line without throwing herself into the corner and refusing to move. She was fulllllll of it last night and after ending on a good note on the line I turned her loose to free lunge. She took off bucking and kicking and ran herself into a good sweat. So overall, a good workout night last night!

I've done a few things to try and minimize her urgency for food we'll see if any work. First, I upped the amount of hay pellets she gets at night. Second, I'm now giving her 1 pound of grain in the morning so she isn't so hyper to get to her field. She's up to 3 pound total now of the SafeChoice.


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    1. She does eat a lot. She's making up for the first two weeks of her time in Michigan when she ate nothing! I tried cutting her grain back but FeedXL yelled at me since she's still a growing horse.