November 16, 2012

TWR Training Updates

Okay... between the dentist updates, life being crazy and leaving my camera at home, I haven't had photos or video to post yet of the last three days. So here it is, in ALL of it's glory! Back

Tuesday Night
CRAPPY video, but this was her first night with the saddle on so I wanted to document it. (Its still uploading but its on it's way)

Wednesday Afternoon
This was after the dentist came. My friend Erin had an old beaten up saddle that she gave to me to use for breaking. This one had stirrups on it already so figured it'd be great for the added weight and getting her use to things on her side. So now I have 2 old beaten up saddles that I'd never ride in, 1 that I haven't used in 5-6 years to ride in that I'd be lucky to sell for $20 and my crappy made AP that I don't care much about - all to use to break her in. I think the abundance of saddles says something for Dakota. He broke a tree and 2 surcingles when I broke him out for riding. So far Echo is behaving much better than Dakota ever did. Enough of my blabbing here's my miss Echo.

Side note - Dakota gave his first lesson on Wednesday night and it started out a little rocky but we ended on a very good note and by the end she was getting him to walk and trot without him making too much of a fuss.

Thursday Night
Both horses had the night off. I don't want to overwhelm Echo on training so she got the evening off. Dakota I plan on riding over the weekend so I gave him the night off too. I got home super early for a change which was amazing!

Tonights  plans are not very exciting either - for the horses at least. I'm having dinner with a friend from Kentucky on her way to Chicago. Which means late to barn and probably will be freezing by time I got to the point of working either one. So they'll be getting a second night off.


  1. She's taking to everything so well, and looks great in the photos!
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Aoife :) I keep admiring her willingness to learn!