November 21, 2012

Pre Turkey Hangover

Dakota's lesson has officially been cancelled tonight. Now if I can only get the college close due to lack of interest of employees my day would be better.

I didn't see the ponies last night :( By the time I got done with homework, my hair done, packed up and everything + cats moved to my grandparents it was 11pm. Not to mention in the car Abu (one of my cats) decided to get car sick while I was driving, all over my lap. And I mean ALL over. The real kicker? I had just pulled onto the drive my Grandparents live on and the car would of been stopped within the next 90 seconds. Damn cat. Thankfully all my Grandparents neighbors are old and most were in bed already because I ran in the house, threw (ok not throw but tossed... lightly) Abu into the bathroom and shut the door, got my Grandparents cats locked up so they wouldn't go outside - and took my cat puke covered sweatpants off. Thankful for boy-shorts right about then because all my clothes were in the car still and I had to run back and forth to get stuff in the house.

Finally got all the animals settled and a clean pair of sweatpants put back on and I crashed.

I feel like a zombie that hasn't come back to life yet. So I'll be sitting at my desk all day waiting for the text to come through that reads "College Closed Due to Unsuitable Work Conditions" because of the lack of beds and pillows provided.

I have to run to Tractor Supply and get Dakota more MSM and then I'll fumble through doing chores tonight - at least stalls are clean since they've been outside almost every night now. Bad weather is coming again though so its back to stalls at night! Hopefully I'll be seeing one of my best friends tonight so we can hang out all day tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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