November 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up - Nov 19

Well I thought last weekend was uneventful, this weekend was even more so.

Friday and Saturday night the horses stayed outside. All I did was bring them in to give them their grain / dinner and then went back outside for hay.

Last night I had both horses fed when K came out and made me ride. It was one of those bribing moments on her part to get me to go ride with her. I was ready to turn both Dakota and Echo out, head home and go to bed.

Dakota was really moody. I wanted no part of his moody attitude last night so I got on, held on and just steered. I wasn't about to ask him for much, I knew the results would be counter-productive. One of the benefits of having him for so long. It's deer hunting season, it was dusk and the horses were spooky. Glitch wanted no part of the trails so we worked him through it and did one lap on the trail and came back to the barn. Dakota and I were both thankful for the short ride. 

I got Dakota taken care of and turned back outside for the night - it's been 'warm' in the low 40's - hence their staying outside. I decided to do a little work with Echo. I tied her outside of the stalls like normal but she knew everyone else was eating their hay. She threw a fit and broke her halter. I got her re-caught, retied her and she stood like an angel. I took her in the arena and just did a little respect lunging and loved on her. Took and stood her next to the mounting block and just petted her on the back - trying to let her know that even when I suddenly grow 12-24 inches that she doesn't have to freak, still has to listen etc. She was, as usual, perfectly fine with everything I did to her. It was one of those sessions that left me thinking she has had training before (even though I know she hasn't.)

Good way to end my weekend with Echo time.

I need to go to my grandparents tonight so I won't be going to the barn after work. I hate not seeing the duo for even one night but gotta do what ya gotta do!


  1. Glad to hear weekend went well even if you feel it was a little unproductive. We all need those days sometimes, yet at the same time you got a spin in on Dakota and some work done with Echo - so long as all s going well I figure you're on to a winner :)
    Hope all goes well with the Grandparents visit - looking forward to more updates as and when they come, :D
    Love hearing about your happy horses.

  2. I do have a question but I'll wait until you get back on chat :)