November 15, 2012

There's a Flea On My Back!

So I REALLY wanted to post this yesterday but I had the Dentist post ready to go.

Tuesday night, I just wanted to groom Echo and bond with her with no interest in working her. As I started grooming her I remembered what my trainer told me about letting the saddle sit on her back while shes eating and being groomed. 

So I grabbed a curry quickly and brushed her down and quickly got all the dirt of her back and put the saddle pad on. We had done this many times before so she didn't even flinch at the pad - that's old news. I went and grabbed my crappy AP - its far from what I plan on beginning her riding in, but it's the saddle I care about the least if it were to be broken. The stirrups were off it so I figured it was lighter and the most logical choice.

Once I had the saddle in the stall, I tried getting Echo to smell it and investigate. She looked over once at it and went back to her hay. I took it to her left side to let her see it from both sides - again with zero reaction. So I set it on her back - no reaction. I fussed over the saddle making sure it was in a good spot on her back and looking at how the saddle fit her. Saddle definitely needs to be a bit wider, which just means I definitely need a new saddle. I put the girth on very loosely - last hole on each side - which means it was actually a bit tight since Dakota's girth is going to be a bit too small for her - just so the saddle wouldn't fall off if she stepped to the side. 

She quite honestly did not care. I tried and tried to get a reaction out of her with zero success. So I took her soft brushes out and brushed her all over and picked her feet and fussed over her mane and tail. I had her happy enough that she looked ready to crawl up in my lap and fall asleep. 

K had finished up in the arena with her pony and I figured I'd go walk Echo around a bit to see if she'd react to the saddle with moving. Once in the arena she stopped, stretched her neck around, sniffed the saddle, looked at me and yawned. Yep - that's the reaction I got, a yawn. She walked and trotted a bit with again, no reaction and I had a major Echo party. I told her what a good girl she was and gave her treats and kisses. 

Yay for crappy iPhone photos at night and scary eyed Echo.

Dentist Update!

Dakota - He behaved better than ever before! He had no need to be drugged this time. The dentist, Greg, confirmed that I had let him go way too long. Feel bad but at least we're back on schedule right? He also confirmed what I knew about him wearing uneven and having 'waves' on his molars. So he balanced him out and got rid of all those nasty hooks.

Echo - Echo clearly had never had her teeth done before. No wolf teeth to be removed (yay). He then put the spectrum on her to open her mouth. Her reaction was pure confusion and frustration. Greg let her set there for a minute to relax a little and took his time opening up her mouth. As soon as he got his hand in to feel her molars he looked at me and just simply said 'she has definitely never been done before' - again grateful to this point I haven't put a bit in her mouth or asked her to do much regarding her mouth. It would of been unfair and probably would of hurt her mouth. Greg took his time and gave her mini breaks. By the end she had relaxed and was her usual curious self. So thanks to Greg we're safe to progress to a bit and we'll be seeing him in a year!

Probably wishing she was back in Kentucky right about now!

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  1. Great to hear that all went so well with the dentist for both horses and that the saddle was a non-issue for Echo.
    She really sounds like she's settled in well and trusts you a lot. Yay!