January 30, 2013

One Book Has Ended

As of yesterday at 2:00pm I am no longer employed. Things were not good and in the long run, things are for the best. I was initially upset by everything that happened but by evening I was rather content with the happenings. A huge stress is already off my shoulders. I'm worried about covering horse / cat cost on top of bills and paying for gas to get to campus for classes but it will work in the end. Things happen for a reason.

So starting today I am applying for jobs. Looking for something with a slightly lighter load. 29 hours was way too much, while the money was nice, I couldn't find time for things that really needed to be done.

Also a good note - my wrist is feeling great. Best it's felt yet!

Until then....

The Things I Will Do With My Free Time
  • After class on Tuesday and Thursday's I will be going to the gym at the college for a solid hour before heading to the farm.
  • K and I have agreed to walk and eventually jog on the trails we ride the horses on when the weather permits.
  • Actually focus on classes and do homework. Yes, actually DO my homework!
  • Put Dakota into a 4 Days a week riding schedule. 
  • Put Echo into training boot-camp. I now have the time that I've wanted to put a solid 30 consistent days of training on her. She's doing great as it is but it's time to get to point of being ready to take the next step again :) I do expect a few off days from insane temperatures that will keep me from really working her, but I will find SOMETHING to do with her on those days for a mental break.
  • Clean, organize and sort my room and get rid of the unnecessary things I have.


  1. it sucks but sounds like you have a great use of your time now!

  2. Sorry to read about your job sweetie, hope you find something suitable soon.
    Will keep everything crossed for you!