February 4, 2013

Good Groundhog

So the groundhog actually saw his shadow, meaning spring is closer than not. This is of course, according to a groundhog. Does anyone know that thing's accuracy in predictions? It probably just lies and we will have many more weeks of snow to come.

Wrist update: Many people have sent me much appreciated well wishes on getting my wrist healed so thought I'd throw in a quick update. Once I finally got the radiologist report, I learned the fracture wasn't in a significant place of concern, didn't have to change anything and was free to start using my arm a little. I'm now almost back to normal function. It is still a little weak but much better. I still wear my splint when I'm out and about as a reminder not to go overboard with it, but home and sometimes at the barn I want nothing to do with that thing.

Trying to plan my week for Echo. As I said in my last post, part of my new free time is going to be spent devoting extra time to the barn and more specifically, Echo. Dakota will be back to work soon, but since the farrier had to be cancelled last week due to weather / road conditions, it will be a little longer. Not really sure how it'll go but I'm going to give it a shot based on the weather. I try not to do much in the way of physical work if its colder than 30F. Too hard on their lungs!

Monday - High of 23F. A much much needed grooming! I was in a rush last night or she would of gotten it then but for a second I thought she was a giant pig with all the dirt on her. Going to spend time working on her mess of a mane and trying to pull it some more to make it look 'normal'.
Tuesday - High of 28. Desensitization time! At least once a week now I hope to introduce Echo to big scary things and ensure her they won't eat her. I think I'll go for either an umbrella or a giant yoga ball being kicked around the arena.
Wednesday - High of 29. One more degree please? Maybe a second day of desensitization? I've already gotten her use to different colors of tarps and different things around her feet. I think I'll have to start getting creative soon because she's not overly spooky to begin with. Once we get a non snowy day I'll have to do it all over again outside.
Thursday - High of 35. Finally. Tack her up, saddle, bridle and possibly extremely loose side reins to introduce an ounce of rein pressure. Free lunge.
Friday - High of 34. Repeat of Thursday. Possible backing with saddle on depending on who all is around to assist in holding and walking her around.

Yes that is five straight days of work for mare face. However 1) It's likely to change due to the insane Michigan weather 2) I don't know what the weather is going to do over next weekend / next week and I need to get in training time wherever possible.

So check back for updates through the week of our progress. Also check back for some possible exciting pictures!


  1. Glad there is an update on your arm!

  2. Delighted to hear you are able to use your arm some. My sister fractured her wrist skiing a few weeks back and has also been encouraged to use it - handy really as she's supposed to be working for the ski season! ;-)
    Hope yours continues to make a speedy recovery and that all goes to plan to work the two darlings! :D