February 16, 2013

2013 Show & Clinic Schedule Posted!

You may notice there's a new page up there at the top of this blog. I finally compiled a list of the available schooling shows, shows and clinics of 2013 I'm interested in going to. I will NOT be going to all of these. Well maybe if I suddenly become employed again, win the lottery, or suddenly get some sort of showing support from my family. 

Clinics - I won't be riding in any clinics but I figure its better to get out there and audit  than not to go to any at all. 

The jumping clinic, while I clearly have no interest in jumping, I figure it might be beneficial for me to hear the whole lecture about sports psychology since I have mental riding blocks from past experiences. DEFINITELY going to the Charles de Kunffy clinic. Not too far away and will be worth the drive. The fourth clinic on my list is the day after their show and if you compete in the schooling show you get to ride in the clinic so maybe?

Shows - I won't be riding in any clinics but I figure its better to get out there and audit  than not to go to any at all. 

Most shows are through the Great Lakes Area Show Series - Educational Dressage organization that is a group member of USDF. There is a Hunter/Jumper schooling show first weekend of May that's through the LMHJA and another 'fun / open show' in October at the same farm that are not on the list yet since I don't know exact dates. We'll be going to these though since they're right down the road and always good for the experience.

While I intend to start doing canter work with Dakota throughout the year, I've decided I will stick to competing in USDF Intro Level and do test A & B and toward end of the season consider the idea of test C - which includes tiny amount of canter. A & B are walk / trot only. I may also do walk / trot dressage equitation classes with him depending on how we progress. The more 'local shows' - less than a half hour drive - I may take Echo for the experience and possibly an In-Hand class here and there. I don't want to plan on riding her through it then be disappointed later.

Show's I'm 90% sure I'll be going to are the Burlwood Benefit, Willow Tree and Chardon Valley. The Burlwood Benefit show is for K's trainer (my trainers former trainer as well), Margret Spencer as she is paralyzed from a riding accident about 4 years ago. The other two locations are super close to me, about a 10 minute and a 20 minute drive. While all the shows are within an hour and half from the barn I know these are most likely. Next most likely are Derbyshire, Mystic Ridge and Equine Line.

The only goal I have from this year of showing and clinics? No falling out of horse trailers!!!

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