February 11, 2013

Possible New Saddle & Video

Sunday the farrier ran late as usual. Good thing its basically expected of farriers. S and I brought in the horses as soon as we got to the barn. Both horses I think knew what was up and were total jerks to catch in the field. Finally got Dakota in and then I went after Echo. S and I lunged Dakota and let him get out some of his attitude in the arena. 

Echo was throwing a fit in her stall so we swapped out horses and put Echo in the arena. I decided to let her just stretch and run since she had two days of tack + riding and I don't want to over do it.

Both horses actually stood great for the farrier. After one look at Dakota's hooves he just shook his head and agreed that they were screwed up. We left him barefoot and will be putting his shoes on next time he's out. Echo did not grow as much as Dakota and he pretty much just filed her down and fixed her angles a tiny bit.

On a different note, my should-be-sister who I've known since before I owned Dakota has an extra Wintec Isabel dressage saddle. She's double checking the seat size for me and if its the right saddle size she's sending it to me! Anyone have any additional input on a Wintec saddle? I've never been a big fan of synthetic but for the short term it would be great. Plus I can put a MW gullet in and make it a little better fitting for Echo. Also I'm taking my Courbette Husar dressage saddle in to be reflocked this week! Cannot wait to ride Dakota in it once it's reflocked, I think he'll be much more comfortable in it.

Video From Feb 9 and 10th - Both pre-ride lunging - Definitely wait for it to load in the highest quality of video otherwise it is very grainy.

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  1. I don't have any experience with Wintecs personally, but know at least one person who really likes them.