February 22, 2013

New Stallion Series Starting Next Week

It's spring - well sorta, it's officially just around the corner. Anyways, every new year I get the breeding bug. I love the excitement of the new foals arriving, colt or filly, seeing how a new mare / stallion combination turn out and seeing what mare owners decide to breed their mares back to for the following springs foal.

While I'm a ways away, at least a year, from breeding Echo, I can't stop myself from searching possible future stallions for her to be bred to. I have no intention of breeding her every year or turning her into a foal machine, but every few years I'd like the option of breeding her. After all I find it to be one of the biggest joys in being a mare owner.

So starting next Friday, March 1st, I plan on posting one of my possible stallion selections every Friday for at least a few months. There are a lot of gorgeous stallions out there after all!

There will be three 'categories' of stallions. Thoroughbreds (Racing & Sporthorse), Knabstrupper and Warmbloods.

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