February 18, 2013

I Like Dirt

Not very much to update on as I'm still sick and stuck in bed with a fever.

Yesterday I did have to feed all the horses however. S went to the barn with me, despite being warned about my illness. Before heading to the barn I loaded myself with EmergenC, Advil and DayQuil and brewed a thermos full of tea and honey.

First mistake was taking all of the above things. By the time I got to the barn, I felt great. Second mistake, believing my sudden burst of energy meant I was fit to ride. So S and I pulled Dakota in, groomed and tacked him up. I was planning on letting S ride since it had been before the holiday's that she had been able to have a lesson but first I wanted to get on him to make sure he was going to behave. I got on, warmed up great, worked on walk / halt transitions and tempo changes at the walk. Started a little trot and Dakota wanted no part of it. Majority of the ride until this point he was fighting keeping his head bent into the inside and was completely unfocused but he was doing what I asked at the same time. So I pulled him back to a walk and figured it was best if I did what my trainer had me do last week and pull my legs back and really focus on keeping my knees off of his sides and not worry as much about what he was doing. As I was fidgeting with my position, a giant chunk of snow fell off the barn which Dakota normally doesn't bat an eye at. Nope not yesterday... he jumped forward and sideways seemingly all at the same time and I stayed with him almost the entire time but in the end I kind of rolled off him. I actually didn't land that hard, almost landed on my feet. After catching him (pretty sure he knew I was not overly happy) I climbed back on, with a crop this time and he threw me a few threatening kicks and after a few reminder smacks of the crop he finally got through and we had a few good rounds of a trot. I jumped off and let S cool him out. 

Echo sat in her stall being a good pony while we worked with Dakota. I cuddled her for a few before heading home for a much needed hot hot hot shower.

K fed and brought in my horses today since my fever is fighting my attempts to get it to break.I have a good feeling I will not be going out again tomorrow.

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  1. So sorry to hear that you are (a)under the weather and (b) came unstuck with Dakota - what a pup!
    Although I don't blame him, snow falling off roofs is very loud - Kika hates it and completely loses the run of herself, whereas Nancy thankfully couldn't care less - such a placid lady...long may it last!

    Big HUG!