January 10, 2013

Free Stall Cleaning = Win

Last night after getting out of work and checking my voice mail and text, and seeing many many many text and missed calls from K that were all along the lines of "How much do you love me?" I called her back... She wanted to go to her boyfriend's wrestling match that was over an hour away and her parents wouldn't take her. So... her deal was 2 weeks of stall cleaning and her grooming and tacking up my horse any time I wanted to ride for the coming month. Sure why not right? I got to farm and my stalls were done and we brought horses in and left. 

Of course there's no great way to get there which meant ALL back roads. We got to the high school right after her boyfriend finished wrestling. Fail. Oh well, we had a good time talking during the 2+ hours we spent in the car.

On tap tonight is lunge session with Echo and maybe Dakota.


  1. YAY she can come clean my stall anytime!

  2. What a sweet deal!
    Pity ye missed the match/bout? Sorry don't know wrestling terms! *blush*

    Hope you've a great weekend!

    1. It's okay A :) I know NOTHING about it either!!