January 12, 2013

Back On Track

So last night was a very productive evening! 

I got off work at 3:30ish and met up with my friend Erin and headed to pick out my new glasses. To my shock, they were ready only few hours later. While we waited we went out to dinner and did some much needed catching up. 

I got to the barn about 6:30... K had already cleaned stalls so I decided to bring in Echo to do a bit of ground work with her. She did WAY better than the night before. Much more responsive and willing to work. After a good 15 minutes of lunging both directions, K and I had the brilliant idea to work on lining her up to mounting block. Which lead to 'lets lean on her and see what she does' - leading farther to K deciding to put all of her weight on her back! I walked the two of them around the arena two laps and K slid off and we had a pony party - which Echo loves to hear how pretty and good she is. 

Finally we lined back up to the mounting block and K put her leg slightly over her back and slid all the way on, stayed for 5 seconds, got back off and we called it a night. After everything, I 'tied' Echo to groom her a little before riding. She actually, legitimately stood! She didn't wiggle, fidget and try to escape the evil tying.

I rode one of K's horses, Casper, my willing unicorn victim and the resident grey mustang. Wednesday when I rode Dakota, he was super super grumpy whenever I asked him to trot. He wouldn't move through his bad points into a smooth trot, just completely choppy. Well Thursday night when I let him run around arena since the field was a muddy nightmare I noticed he was moving ok but after inspecting him I noticed start of some hoof issues. His front right that has slight slight coffin bone rotation / other issues started to dish a little and I think it's cause for some of his issues. He gets sore barefoot and grows oddly. Luckily my farrier can come out Monday so we'll get him back in line to continue training with him.

Today = massive grooming session with both horses, lunge line work with Echo, let Dakota run a little on dry ground and get better updated pictures of Echo.


  1. Yay for Echo being such a good girl!
    Boo for poor Dakota's ouchy feet - hope farrier can help sort him out and he gets over the grumps.

    Have a great weekend and can't wait for new photos!

  2. I hope Kota's feet feel better soon!