January 7, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up - Jan 7

Saturday night Echo’s leg was wayyyyy better. I saw no need to sweat it and just let her go without. If I didn’t know she had been off before you wouldn’t have noticed.

I rode Dakota with K and Glitch Saturday evening. Mostly just ambled around (again) but I started making him carry his headset and bend, which he was most ungrateful for. I worked on tempo changes at the walk, which he’s really responsive about and good through the transitions. I worked on a little sitting trot and did a few tempo changes before moving into a working trot and working on bending and carrying headset at the trot. I got slightly frustrated with him because he’s suddenly either super lazy or super hyper and I can’t get him to focus on ‘work’ – I think after few weeks of consistent rides he’ll be better but until then he’s testing my nerves.

I gave Dakota last night (Sunday) off since he had been rode or a good blow out romp around the arena for 4 days in a row. Echo’s leg was even better – I had to work to find any swelling and found a tiny tiny spot at the bottom of her tendon.

I groomed her lightly and took her to the arena. She was walking 99% sound and she started trotting around on her own. Still a little off at the trot and was worse going left (with her right foreleg on the outside). She didn’t seem to be too bad off though because she took off in multiple cantering / bucking fits before I got her to stop. She also did a few lovely sliding stops into the arena wall because she didn’t pay attention to where she was going. The good thing about her antics was her leg wasn’t any worse after all of it.

Took her back to her stall and groomed a bit more and finally started the task of pulling her mane. It’s not super thick but it’s long. I obviously cut it some after she got here but it has more natural layers to it now so I’m going to try and stick to pulling. Lucky for me she hardly flinched and didn’t even bother eating hay while I did it. Nice change to have a horse that will tolerate pulling!!!

Today marks beginning of yet another semester of college. On tap this semester is Accounting Principles 2, Business Statistics, Sociology and my two BS classes of Intro to Word and PowerPoint. I only signed up for the Word and PowerPoint because I needed 2 credits to make me a full time student for the semester. Good part is I work or am in class every day at 8:00am and am on campus until 5:00pm so a very consistent schedule. Pony plans tonight are get to barn ASAP and get done ASAP. I want to actually sleep more than 5 hours tonight! 


  1. Time to get on a schedule again! I'm glad Echo's leg is better.

  2. Glad to hear Echo's leg is better and standing up to her antics. Can we get her to have a word with Kika about mane pulling not being the end of the world. Since moving here, she has decided that having her mane pulled is torture and cannot possibly be expected to stand still anymore! *roll-eyes*

    Best of luck with school this semester! Hope you can strike a balance!