January 28, 2013

Crazy Michigan Weather!

I finally got out to the barn on Saturday. Feeling more myself and kicked the bug I had. My wrist is feeling significantly better, even leaving it unwrapped about 50% of the time and starting to use it a little (doctor told me to use it some since fracture isn't in a dangerous place).

S (who takes lessons on Dakota) came out with me both days over the weekend to help out. Saturday we did my stalls and played with Echo some. I managed to get video on my iPhone and since we had daylight the quality isn't completely awful. Just make sure you watch it on the highest quality setting. Note that Echo did in fact try killing a cat and found a second but couldn't get to it. Temperature dropped significantly in the 15 minutes I worked her. Poor S spent a good 25 minutes walking her out withe her cooler on.

Sunday we headed to barn a little earlier than normal since weather was suppose to get bad. We got all the stalls done since K wasn't around. Dakota wanted in so I gave him a flake of his hay and figured he'd be happy in his stall. No he went under the stall chain and stood at the gate wanting back out. All the horses were really really weird acting, probably sensing the weather changing. We waited until 5:30 to bring in horses so they didn't get too far off schedule. I organized some of my tack in the tack room to pass the time. Huge mistake. We went to let Echo's field in and it just started hailing out of nowhere (it had already been snowing). We got Dakota and Casper in from their field but the Thoroughbreds (Echo's group) refused to enter the barn because of the sounds. Since we just open the gate usually and they all come in and go right to their stalls, we had four horses just staring at us at the barn opening. They kept running back and forth acting rather ... special. I finally was able to block off Glitch and got him to bolt into the barn and get into his stall. I ran back out and managed to get Echo and lead her in. She was super freaked out but I just talked to her and she relaxed, licking and chewing on the way to her stall. The final 2 from her field finally followed after Echo was half way to her stall so I thankfully didn't have to go back out in the hail. By the time we had everyone settled, blanketed and not freaking over the sound, it had turned to a freezing rain. Then shortly after I got home we were blessed with thunderstorms. 

College was closed today so I got to sleep in. We'll see what The Mitten has in store for the horses and I in next 48 hours. Suppose to get up to 50F+ tomorrow after it just being 20F on Saturday...

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