January 24, 2013

The Definition of Blah

Blah: 1) something that means nothing. 2) a word commonly used to describe an emotional state in which the person feels a sense of having no hope; usually a state of depression. 3) its a word used in an after sentence, when no one is talking, or when a person has nothing else to say. 4) a word when you don't know what a person is talking about. 5) when you have nothing to say, and its hard to say what you feel. 6) a word that describes an unknown situation or unknown feeling. 7) extremely bored. - Urban Dictionary

Yes I realize it has been a week since I've posted anything and no I haven't forgotten about you blog world.

It's been a weird week for me, not feeling myself. Not sick, but stressed and frustrated, and both are getting to me more than usual. Migraines and wrist pain haven't helped and as Urban Dictionary failed to define... blah. I love and hate Urban Dictionary at the same time. It's good for a good laugh now and then or to look up some ridiculous word you hear someone much younger than you use. Then it fails to really describe what you want it to, basically what I took from it's blah definition is blah = nothing.

I haven't been to the horses since Sunday. Between being in pain and a mini snowpocalypse hitting my corner of Michigan with Lake Effect snow for 4ish days in a row, I've had no motivation to get to the barn.

Our deck Wednesday night.
Over the weekend when I was at the barn I did manage to snap a few pictures of the horses. Still terrible lighting but at least they weren't iPhone pictures... progress right? Sunday since I had to feed everyone and well... doing so one handed was out of the question, the girl I usually give lessons to on Dakota came out and helped me. When we were done around the barn she helped groom Echo and saddled her up for me while I managed to bridle mareface (my new nickname for Echo) one handed.

I hate dusty arenas....
She w/t/c around the arena, not giving a care in the world about the gadgets on her body. She seemed a little stiff toward the end which I thought was odd but she had no obvious swelling or heat anywhere and her legs passed my attempt at a flex test. I'm pretty sure it was just due to the fact it was flipping cold.

Dakota joined her after her romp.

Anyway... she ended on a good note, and I thank S a ton for her help Sunday night. 


  1. You're living in Snow-topia!
    Sorry to hear that the wrist is causing you discomfort, hope it heals quickly and that the migraines, stress etc shove off and leave you some breathing space to enjoy life!
    Look after yourself hun!