January 29, 2013

Pictures From Weekend

So in yesterday's post I forgot to add the pictures I had taken Saturday of the ponies! So enjoy :D

Dakota likes to play king of the 'hill'.

No idea where the blue barrel came from!!! They were super interested in it though. It had to of blown into the field during all the windy winter weather.
Just noticed this view makes her eyes look really set into her head, looks weird!
Neither Echo or Dakota, but I like this picture of Glitch's frozen nose.

Last night I just cleaned stalls and took care of horses and called it a night. Worked my butt off on the homework I've been procrastinating on for over a week. If anyone knows of any job careers that encourage and embrace procrastination please let me know because I think I could be a CEO. At least that is what one of my previous professors says since he shares the same problem.

Note: For anyone interested in the FREE Equine Nutrition course from Coursera it is now open! You can still enroll if you haven't already!
Equine Nutrition

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