January 15, 2013

Quick Update - 1/15

So my weekend didn't go nearly as well as planned. 

Saturday I had no motivation - fed the horses and left.

Sunday I fed all the horses since K was gone for the evening. By the time I was done feeding everyone I was exhausted and headed home. I figured a HOT bubble bath sounded amazing with being sore. Well after I had soaked in my bubble bath a good hour, I got up and proceeded to wipe out in the shower. Landing on my already sore arm, hitting my head and bruising everything possible.

Last night I was sore so I was a terrible horse owner and didn't clean stalls. K had plans last night so she didn't do hers either. Lucky for me mine were really not that messy so I don't feel TOO bad. I fed and groomed Echo - she was a bit annoyed since she was super super interested in her hay. I was going to put a saddle on her and lunge, but by the time I finished grooming I thought my hand was going to fall off - no way I was going to be able to saddle her.

I'm -hoping- K cleans my stalls today since she had a 1/2 day... If she sees this... GO CLEAN THEM!! <3 It's a warm 31 degrees today and hoping that means, frozen ground and no mud for Echo to get too dirty. If she's not a nightmare I'll saddle her tonight and lunge.

On another note... I didn't get paid right today so I had to cancel my farrier appointment for Dakota. In that process, I found out this woman farrier I've been using since August-ish is raising prices and she doesn't really listen the last 3 times she's trimmed Dakota barefoot about his angles. With that, I texted the guy I used 75% of the time last year who was SUPER slow at trimming, but did a great job with Dakota. And by slow - it took him 8 hours once int he summer for 10 horses and only Dakota had shoes! So he's coming Feb 1... until then I think I'll be riding Dakota but only at a walk - plenty to work on and I will lunge him trot and canter so he's still building muscle. 


  1. Eep get well soon and hope you get paid sharpish. Nothing worse than pay not arriving when you hope it will!
    Hope all goes well this evening!

  2. :( SO sorry you fell, I hope you feel better soon!