January 16, 2013

Wrist Are Overrated

I think my arm is getting worse. Doctor tomorrow at 3:30. Will keep everyone posted on how that goes.

Last night K thankfully cleaned my stall in the midst of her own injury. After struggling through everything I groomed Echo who stayed very clean from the night before. I managed to tack her 1 handed and led her to the arena. Good note - she doesn't fuss over entering the arena anymore! (Knock on wood)

I let her w/t/c around the arena and set up two ground poles with a 2 stride distance between the poles. She didn't offer a buck or seem to give any care in the world to the saddle, so yay :)

Since I will be at the barn earlier tomorrow after my doc appointment - no need to go back to work after - I will try to get some pictures in better lighting.


  1. Too many injuries in your barn!

  2. Sorry to hear your arm is getting worse!
    Hope all goes well with the doc, will keep everything crossed that you heal up super fast!
    Get Well Soon!