January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (or similar holiday) and has a safe New Years tonight. I've stayed home and kept everything low key with being out of town. Happy Birthday to my wonderful Grandma and one of my good friends who were both born January 1st. 

I'll be on a plane and back to Dakota and Echo in less than 48 hours which is completely bittersweet for me. I'll miss my mom and family here but I'm so ready to be back with the cats and horses, sad I know. I should be getting back into Michigan early enough on Tuesday for me to get home, tackle the box my mom ordered from Schneiders of Christmas goodies while I was here for my present and take them to the barn. I got a 3 step mounting block to make my life easier and a bit safer. Ever since my ACL tear I've had a horrid time mounting and the higher I can get the better. I think a ride is in order Wednesday to 1) test it out and 2) I flat out want to ride Mr Dakota. I got a few other horsie things - braiding kit (lots of time to practice for show season) and some polos. Other than money I mostly got DVD's and few odd and end things, overall a very good Christmas!

In Echo news... It has snowed a significant amount while I've been gone. Ground froze oddly since it was pure mud prior. Which means lots of divots and hazardous ground for horse legs. Of course the first day of snowfall, Echo apparently twisted something in the field and is 'off'' in one of her front legs. Not sure the extent of it but it sounds pretty minor but it's the first thing I'll be doing upon my return to the frozen tundra.

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