December 28, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Grooming

Might include random tips at the end. Most of us have our favorite tools to use and grooming is pretty standard so this is going to be more for the oddities I've found in grooming that I love and work for me.

Brushes & Tools
  • Slick n Easy - I've used these things ever since I got Dakota. I recently learned a lot of my horse friends have never used one. Great for getting that extra bit of rain rot out or getting out difficult loose hair and dirt.
  • Hoof Brush - I have two of these per horse. I have one I've designated for hoof use and a second I've designated for leg use. They're great on winter muddy legs. I've found regular hard brushes to be a pain. This is small enough you can be more thorough on the legs.
  • Horze Softgrip Brushes - If you're a fan on synthetic / non wooden backed brushes these are great. Especially if you can find yourself a 50% code for the website, you can't beat the price.
  • Roma Tote - Lots of pockets and room to hold all tools.
  • Clipper Bag - Love mine - I feel need for more clippers so I can buy more bags.
There are a few other brands that can't be found with online stores. There is one in particular I plan to try in 2013 at least for pre show use.
 Coat Care
Mane & Tail
Hoof Care
  • Riders Rasp
  • Hoof Polish - If you're going to use a polish... use this one, the other ones are more likely to dry out hooves.
  •  Corn Starch - use on white legs for showing.
  • Don't use spray on conditioner and shine products on a chestnut coat before a show. Use natural oils from your hands and rub down coat. Looks much more natural.
  • Coconut oil - My new number 1 way to condition mane and tails. Leaves hair super soft and easy to work with.
Part of my new brushes I bought for Echo.

Next I'll be reviewing "Apparel" - From show to schooling.

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