December 7, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Blankets

We kick off my new Friday mini series with a popular topic for this time of year, blankets! I've had some awful experiences with horse apparel and some equally great. Here are the great ones, most I've had personal experience with or have seen them in action among my closest horse friends.

Turnouts - Sheet, Mid and Heavy Weight
  • StormShield NEW BRITION - SOOO excited that Schneiders came out with a new line of this blanket. I was bummed when the others went on closeout and crossed my fingers it meant a new one was coming. Cannot wait to get my hands on this one. 
  • DuraTech Viking II - Haven't tried this one yet myself but at that price and at 1200D it's worth a shot.
  • StormShield EXTREME - Horse Journal's pick of 2012 and at 1680D it's an unbeatable price. Plus a 2 year guarantee! 
  • StormShield CLASSIC EURO - I can't tell you how many of these I have bought. I love them. Great color choices and holds up will at 1200D.
  • SmartPak Ultimate Ballistic Nylon Turnout Blanket - A 10 YEAR guarantee on a blanket?! I'm thinking whoever came up with this idea is both brilliant and insane. There are some horses I'd love to put this blanket on and let them give it a true test run. I'm thinking this is going to be my blanket of choice for Echo once I know I'll be able to consistently blanket her.
  • Riders International - I know many people that like these blankets. I have yet to try them myself. For their price and at 1200D, I always end up on a Schneiders blanket.
Stable Sheets
  • Centaur Basics Stable Sheet - Love this sheet. Dakota has had one for 3+ years with very little wear and tear on it. They also make same sheet in solid colors for your plaid haters.
  • Baker - Of course you have to include a Baker. Who doesn't love Baker?
Stable Blankets
  • Masta Stable Rugs - Hard to find in the United States but I managed to snatch one when I worked for State Line Tack and it's held up amazing, I can't tell you how many times I've washed the thing either! Dakota stays nice and warm with it.
  • Riders International - Good all round Stable Blanket.
  • Schneiders Stable Blankets
Fly Sheets & Accessories
Dakota sporting his Schneider's New Briton blanket!

Next Friday I'll be reviewing "Supplements" - one of my favorite topics!


  1. Carlos is currently testing out the SmartPak turnout :) He is tough on blankets

    1. Carlos is an excellent test subject. Between him, Echo and Dakota they're sure to break someone's pocketbook on that blanket warranty.