December 5, 2012

Chaos of a Week

Monday night the farrier came out for regular trims on all horses. Dakota hadn't been trimmed that long ago so he needed a quick rasp. His front right, his problem hoof grew a lot faster than the others but at same time we need it to grow so it was decent news. 

Echo... Echo was back to herself. The concept of holding a leg up longer than 30 seconds baffles her mind still. She wiggles every direction possible and wants to see everything going on to her hoof.

Tuesday (last night) marked the official one week mark of Echo being on antibiotics. She still is showing excessive urination, but does not appear to be in pain when she urinates. I'm leaning more and more toward the theory of erratic heat cycles. Avoiding social convention of heat cycles calming down this time of year and only having one cycle a month. She'll be super easy to breed when the time comes, in fact it's been suggested to me I breed her to get her to level back out. That however is going to have to wait.

Echo also got a new field mate, Turbo. Turbo had been at the barn before and was owned / ridden by K. However after it was decided he didn't have the heart and power to hold up to eventing, K sold him to a friend of the family for trail riding. Since the guy who bought him doesn't have a good winter set up, he's back for a few months and is turned out with Echo, Glitch and Indy the pony.

Brought both horses in to feed and groomed Echo. I kind of wanted to ride Dakota but decided to wait until tomorrow or Thursday for a ride. I put up my 'ghetto' style stall guards, aka lead ropes. Dakota broke his in the past so I have none at the moment. I think I'll be investing in a few though since Echo seems to like to be able to look out when she is in her stall. I proceeded to give Echo as good of a grooming as possible... It was rather difficult considering the amount of mud on her. The dirt had dirt on it. I wish I had a before picture!
Watching all the other horses outside.
My failed attempt at an artistic leather picture.  I'll try again someday!
Love this face!
I promise I cleaned stalls after the pictures were taken!
Trying to sniff each other.
Tonight Dakota's lesson has been cancelled so I will probably go for a ride on him. I need some Dakota time after my stressful week. Classes wrap up next week for the semester which is a complete YAY meets freak out. Work on our walk / trot transitions. Hopefully with his recent trim he won't be such a jerk on transitions. Going to give Echo a thorough groom. Tomorrow hopefully Echo will be ready to work a little bit. I don't want to push her but she's looking more and more like herself. 


  1. Lovely photos & what nice big stables they have! Cozy!
    Delighted to hear that Echo is on the mend. I hope you have a great spin with Dakota later!