December 4, 2012

Blog Mini Series

Winter is upon us as we turned the calendar to December this week. I fully admit as it gets colder and colder, my spare time is less likely spent in the barn. I'm sure I won't be working with Echo 3-4 times a week like I want once she's healthy enough to be worked. I want to keep writing post so this is part of my way to take up that missing time.

All 'series' will be 8, 12 or 16 weeks long. If this works out and people seem to like it, I may find things to continue with.

December - February: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - I've been going through all of my horse stuff since I found out I was getting Echo, trying to reorganize for 2 horses. It the process I found a lot of things that I had a "Ick that needs to be thrown away" or "I love this" reaction too. So this series is my way of sharing the good reactions. From everything from tack to supplements and apparel to first aid.

March - June: Echo's Stallion Selections - What mare owner doesn't love browsing stallions to potentially breed your mare(s) to? These will be my top picks for everything from Thoroughbreds to warmbloods and sporthorses.

August - September: Under the Influence - More favorite things, but this time it will be more industry wide and along the lines of "these are the top 10 racehorses that have influenced me..." or top riders, trainers, etc.

Future Ideas - Comments or Suggestions Needed! These could be a weekly / bi-weekly / monthly post. I don't want anything more frequent than weekly for fear it'd take away too much time from post about Echo and her training.
- Industry Trends - Economy, Legislation Passing, etc could be covered here. Whether it be racing, eventing, dressage, etc.
- Organization Spotlight - Equine organizations I've come across in my years as a horse owner that I feel actually do good for the horse world and ones I've seen actual results from.


  1. Your series ideas sound class, looking forward to them. :D
    Glad to here that Echo is feeling better in herself!