December 17, 2012

Quick Updates - 12/17

No I haven't forgotten about you blog world but it sure feels like it.

Friday night was overall uneventful. I lunged Dakota since field was muddy. He was having a good time so instead of making him stop to give Echo some time to run around, I had the brilliant idea to put them in arena together. Considering the last time I did this Dakota kicked the crap out of Echo I was a little afraid but things couldn't have gone smoother.

They took turns playing leader and I think Echo found it comical to make Dakota canter to keep up with her trot. Since both are now pro's at my que to halt while lunging, I signaled them and both came up to me and nuzzled on me at the same time. It felt good to have them both getting along and not fight over me. I started walking around and both followed me with their head over my shoulder. If only it wasn't super dark out or I had someone with me to of taken pics on my good camera - next time though!

Saturday - Monday = sick me. I haven't seen the ponies since Friday. Since I'm leaving Thursday morning, there's no way I'll be able to get enough 'pony time' in before then. Sadface. I plan to go out tomorrow evening after work with one of my friends from high school though who wants to meet Echo. I hope to have enough energy to groom both horses and play with Echo a little.


  1. Sorry to hear that you were poorly over the weekend, I hope that you are well on the road to recovery and can enjoy the Festive Season!
    The pair of them sound too cute fawning all over you - hopefully next time you have someone on-hand to catch the moment on film (digital camera ;-) )

    Happy Christmas in case I don't catch you before you leave for your mom's!