December 3, 2012

Healthy Echo on the Rise

Echo seems to be on the mend. She's more and more like herself every day. I saw her running in the field a bit and is back to being feisty in her stall. 

Friday was a bad night for me. I went to the farm, fed fast and went home. Echo bit me in the process of giving her the syringe of apple sauce and antibiotics. Ouch. Then the emotions of the week between Echo and work caught up with me. After a good crying session over the phone with my Mom we got my plane ticket purchased for me to go see her over Christmas in North Carolina.

Saturday I went to the barn super early for me, around 1 in afternoon, and got stalls ready for both Echo and Dakota. I discovered Echo will eat her antibiotics if they're mixed in with her hay pellets. Yay for no more getting bit. I think had to go home and spend late afternoon and evening tortured at my 5yo cousins birthday party.

Sunday I went shopping and out to lunch with my Dad. We finally got him a new computer! First one since 2001ish. I was ready to take a sledge hammer to the old one - so frustrating. Now I get to learn Windows 8 because my Dad is technology impaired and I'll have to walk him through almost everything.

Few pictures to hold everyone over until I get new ones of Echo.

Dakota being naughty and refusing to go back out in the field.
My cat Holly enjoying feeding time in my aquarium.

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  1. I'm glad Echo is doing better, I know how it wears on you.