December 14, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Supplements

  • Finish Line Thia-Cal
  • Calm and Cool - Great product but it test positive for showing.
  • Mare Magic - The miracle supplement. Love. Love. Love. Dakota had to be taken off of it because it worked too well. Plus it doesn't test!
  • SmartCalm - I've used the Regular and the Ultra version of this. They now make it in pellet form too which is nice. Worked really well when I used it.
  • Calm and Cool Paste - Favorite one time use calmer.
  • Finish Line Quia-Cal - Favorite non testing one time use calmer.
  • SmartHoof - The only hoof supplement I've ever personally seen results from. I've used all forms of Regular or Ultra, Powder or Pellet. Improved hoof quality, growth, basically everything!
Joint / Tendon
  • SmartTLC - If you couldn't tell yet, I love SmartPak supplements. I'm sure all of the products in the SmartFlex line are great but the TLC is what I've tried out on Dakota as a prevenative mostly and to help keep existing problems from getting worse.
  • AniMed MSM - My favorite MSM to use.
  • AniFlex Complete - Dakota didn't really like eating this one. Smells strong of yeast, but still have to include it because 1) I tried it for nearly a year 2) I noticed -some- improvement and it would be great as a prevenative for the price.
  • Liquid Motion - Switched to this when Dakota stopped eating the AniFlex Complete. I noticed better results with this one.
  • Cosequin ASU - If you have th emoney to spend, go for a Cosequin product. I've never personally used it, but I've seen it work miracles on horses.
  • SmartTendon - I'm pretty sure this is one of those supplements that is controversial. Surely no supplement could really help tendons. Well I know one horse that always bows a tendon if he's not on this one. When Dakota bowed his tendon and was off over a year, I gave this to him starting 3 months after the injury and fed it for 6 months. I noticed significant tendon improvement in that time.
Multi-Vitamin / Multi-Mineral
Ulcer / Digestion
  • ProCMC - Used this a long time ago on a whacked out thoroughbred. He was definitely improved when he was on this.
  • U-7 - By far my favorite!! One of my previous horses was on this and her coat improved, behavior, etc. We tried taking her off and she deteriorated almost immediately. Worth every single penny.
  • SmartGut - Haven't tried it but would be willing to give it a go based on reviews and the fact I trust SmartPak supplements.
Skin / Coat
  • SmartDark & Hansom - SmartPak version of Dark as Knight, which I prefer. Keeps dark coats dark! But sadly it test in drug testing.
  • SmartShine
  • The oils listed below always help too!
Energy / Blood Builders
  • Red Cell - Can add energy to a horse, but I've noticed a good difference at same time every time I've used it.
My supplement chaos that I have previously gone into detail about.

Next I'll be reviewing "Grooming" - perfect timing for winter mud!

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