December 6, 2012

Quick Updates - 12/06

K had a band concert so she wasn't able to feed last night so I went ahead and fed everyone. By the time I was done I was way too tired and wanted to get home to finish homework for today, so I didn't ride Dakota. Finals are next week so I'm hoping to get a few good rides in before I leave for the Christmas holiday.

I gave Echo one final night off from work. Tonight I plan to free lunge her 10 - 15 minutes just to let her know her mini break is over. Tomorrow I'll see how she's feeling after tonight and hopefully work her some more. If K's up to it, might go for a ride - I really dislike riding alone for simple reason of 1) if something happens there's no one there 2) Dakota hates being in the arena alone.

On a happy note, it's Thursday which means its my 'short' day of work and I'm done with work / class by 4:00 this afternoon and to the barn by 4:20. I like Thursday because it is proceeded by Friday, plus my favorite TV shows are on Thursday nights.

Tomorrow morning before work I have to go back to dentist to get fitted for some mouth thingy to try and improve my jaw pain / discomfort caused by my 'TMJ' - which started years ago after getting kicked in the head by Dakota (yes I still own and love that horse). So not sure when I'll get off work tomorrow and be able to get to barn for some pony time but with no major plans over the weekend the horses better be dreading the torture I'll find for them.

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