January 11, 2013

Battle Zone

I think I can honestly say I'm going to enjoy this semester of classes. Shocking. My accounting class... my instructor is a little flaky and doesn't really teach. Luckily her handouts are good enough to self teach from. My statistics class well... I <3 <3 <3 statistics. If there was a way to incorporate statistics and horses together I'd be all over it as a career. I've already had the only 'known' job position for this at Equibase and well I'm not about to re-explore that as a job. Finally my sociology class is going to be interesting and actually intriguing - I mean after all my textbook does include zombies. Also two of my instructors / professors (what's really the difference in the title of instructor vs professor?) come into the office where I work on a regular basis and are great people outside of the classroom so I enjoy learning from them. Oh I guess I can't forget my two bogus classes of Intro to PowerPoint and Intro to Word... my two extra credits I needed to make me full time. I hope to get them done in the course of two weekends and not the eight weeks allotted for them, get them done and out of the way!

Thursday night before getting home early to watch my favorite TV of Big Bang Theory and Greys Anatomy I had a lunging session with miss Echo. Now it was kinda windy and rainy so I'm not sure if the weather contributed to her attitude or what but she was a complete nut. Leaping, bucking, rearing, twist and turning - she had a complete meltdown on and off the lunge line. The good points of the night were 1) She wasn't lame 2) We worked through our issues of her spaz out 3) She tied very well to be groomed and fussed over after, never tried to throw a s**t fit being tied!

I know... the lighting is terrible but you can get a little bit of a picture of how her body has changed.
This weekend I don't have a ton of plans other than getting a jump on homework and doing a lot of cuddling with the kitties and ponies. YES I'll actually take my camera to the barn and get non crappy dark iPhone pictures.

Adorable picture of Holly for heck of it!


  1. Ooo I have the zombie survival guide toO!

  2. Enjoy the classes!
    Am looking forward to more pictures - I LOVE pictures. :D

    Have a great weekend!