June 28, 2013

Back to the Grind

YAY it's Friday!

Last night I got back to the barn around 8pm. Me being me decides its a good time to work Echo, who of course is CAKED in dirt. After a 1/2 groom job and still residual dirt on her I gave up and figured it was as good as it was going to get for the night. The round pen was... a nightmare after Wednesday night's downpour so I put her bridle on and figured I'd give the dreaded lunge line a go.

One of the newer girls at the barn went with to watch, ended up helping a ton in correcting Echo's love to throw herself into a corner even when there's not a defined corner to do so.

After a good walk / trot both directions C went and got her saddle since she was being so well behaved. She was a little unsure of the saddle / girth at first 1) because it's been how long?? 2) C has a crazy ability to get a girth tighter than I've ever seen as I discovered after I untacked her. g

Once she started moving again she had zero hesitation toward the saddle or really anything. She worked up a a heavy sweat and C wanted to sit in my dressage saddle to see if it was as comfortable as it looks so she grabbed her helmet and sat on Echo while I cooled her out on the lunge line. Again, typical Echo fashion - she just didn't care.

As for me... Well this is me today >>
6 hours of work today and I'm off for 4 days! Then next weekend is D day for moving and I have 3 1/2 days off. Fingers crossed the rain holds off more so we can go to Churchill Downs tomorrow night for more night racing!

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    Hope you've a great day and that all goes well with the move! Enjoy your couple of days off and I hope you get to spend plenty of time playing with the ponies!
    Delighted to hear that all went so well with Echo - she is such a pet!