June 18, 2013

2013 Goal Updates

I figured since over half the year is gone (crazy!) I should review my 2013 goals. I was a little afraid to look since my grandpa being ill, loosing my job and moving had thrown me for a loop, but the mid-point results could be worse.

  • Be able to ride again - Riding again!
  • Be able to canter again - Cantered for first time outside in November 2012.
  • Canter again in arena 
  • Have health problems resolved
  • Graduate with my associates degree - Scratching this goal.
  • Transfer to Western Michigan University - Transferring now to Midway College in Kentucky. I'll be starting January 2014 if not sooner. I won't have an associates degree first but will get my bachelors.
  • Lose 50 lb - 15 lost so far!
  • Get a new car

The Horses
  • Improve headset through the trot
  • "Perfect" headset at walk
  • Work on lateral movements at walk and trot
  • Begin canter work
  • Compete in a sanctioned dressage show

     Woven Web
  • Have solid ground manners - As good as they're going to get I think :)
  • Introduce bit / bridle - Achieved!
  • Introduce saddle - Achieved!
  • Begin riding Woven Web - First ride on 2/8/13.
  • Get 30 days of solid work on her
  • Get 60 days of solid work
  • Get 90 days of solid work
  • Present to AHHA for breeding inspection - Scratch this. Going to re-evaluate what I want to present her as.

  • Get my Courbette Husar Touring XL Dressage Saddle Re-Flocked
  • Finish USEF registration
  • Finish USDF registration
  • Go to Rolex Kentucky - Didn't happen, next year! This year though will be replaced with many hunter derby's and the National Horse Show.
  • Go to Arlington Million - Won't be happening but I'm now able to go to many many races being back in KY. Starting with this past weekend's racetrack outing. 


  1. Great work on achieveing your goals!
    I'm going to have to have a proper think about what goals i'm going to want to achieve with my girls, set them and try to work towards them. Although so far I am surpassing my expectations of one of my 2013 goals - Having fun!
    I have been having an absolute blast so far this year...long may it continue!

    1. I'm happy to hear you're having fun - most important part!!