June 12, 2013

Up Close & Personal

Saturday = Arrival and me having to call into work because the shipper took forever to get here.

Sunday = Work.

After I got back to the farm after work I had a burst of energy so I pulled Mr. Dakota out of his stall, saddled up and took a really lazy ride around the arena. It was more of a reminder introduction to the surroundings and we just walked around. I didn't bother trotting because his hooves are in bad shape and we're waiting for the farrier to come out.

Monday & Tuesday = Day's off work.

Monday the vet was out checking the barn owners saddlebred mare who is prepping to be re-bred after she slipped after her recent 60 day check / ultrasound. Vet that was out was Dr. Friend from Rood and Riddle, I've used him in the past for Dakota and he's from Michigan so we've always gotten along really well and I use to ride with him on calls. The farm's normal vet, Dr. Metcalf is due anytime with her second foal so I figured I'd tackle Dr. Friend to look at Echo since Metcalf is so close to 'foaling'.

I wanted him to look at Echo to make sure there was no lingering uterine infection that she was battling back in November. Also after thinking about it some myself, and talking to Colleen after they arrived, Echo's under the tail breeding confirmation is not the greatest. Both of us agreed that she may be a great candidate for a partial Caslisk stitching. It's something that can be left in for a really long time with no harm and if I breed her they're easily taken out / replaced / can be restitched. The Michigan barn owner made mention that she thought she saw her strain more so I figured I may as well have her looked at.

Dr. Friend agreed that her under the tail confirmation wasn't great. Since I don't plan on breeding her soon and that she is young she would do well with about a 1 inch stitch at the top of her lady parts. 

Prior to stitching however, he wanted to flush her and do a culture to make sure there was no current infection. So I held her still while they went to work on her. 

After they left I bathed both horses and did the dreaded sheath cleaning on Dakota. Really really up close and personal day with both horses. Joys of both mare and gelding ownership.
Stoned looking after her bath.
THEN Colleen and I took off and after looking at two apartment complexes we went to the complex I lived in before I moved back to Michigan. The first two were awful. I was so happy to be back into the previous complex and signed a lease agreement for a 1 bedroom townhouse in their community. They have many many many laundry areas, two pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, a really good resturant, etc. Problem being... the apartment won't be ready for me to move in until July 6th... pushing back my moving yet another week and another week until I get to see my kitties *wails on the inside*

Yesterday I lounged around, not wanting to do much. I did clean my leather halters but then I got done with the ponies early and lounged some more. 

Dr. Friend returned in the afternoon and gave me good news that the culture so far is clean. He left a flush in her today that's a mix of Chinese herbs that's suppose to be really effective. He also had the vet students do all her work today which will save me easily $100 at minimum. Love him. He also ultra-sounded her ovaries and uterus to make sure there was no masses or growths that are causing something underlying - all clear!

Today I work 3 - 9 tonight so I won't be there when Dr. Friend returns for the third day. However, unless the culture pops something up, the plan is to let out any remaining fluid from yesterday, flush her again (removing fluid this time) then stitch her up to hopefully prevent any further problems! Fingers crossed!

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  1. Great to hear that they are settling in well and that all is going well with the vet - woohoo for cheaper call out rate!
    Yay for finding a nice place to live, pity you've to wait a little longer...but isn3t there some saying about the best things in life being worth the wait? ;-)
    Hope all goes well with the kitty move in a few weeks!