June 4, 2013

Lovely Surprise

Monday I was off of work so Colleen and I (George too somewhat), ventured around and went to multiple horse stores. I got royal blue stall chains from Central KY Tack, they're one of few places that carry stable things in kelly green so I'll be going back there to get the full vinyl stall guards next month. Standlee Hay distributor... the store is super simple and small but wow wow wow... I may become a crazy horse owner feeding $30 3 string hay bales after all! 

Then we wandered toward Paris. I took my time driving because the scenery of that drive is second to none. My goal was to get Echo's registration papers or get a bill of sale so I could request duplicates. Neither of those things happened of course so I'm back to a waiting game there. However, I did get to see Lovely Surprise, Echo's 2yo filly by Don't Get Mad.

Her and her pasture mate, a grey filly that's a half sister to a millionaire and by Lemon Drop Kid, were both annoying to the extreme. Lovely Surprise definitely has a lot of her mother's personality but is built a lot like her sire. Both fillies though were more interested in searching our pockets and eating the iPhone instead of standing for a photo.

Her pasture buddy by Lemon Drop Kid
Lovely Surprise is definitely growing. Quite downhill right now but I didn't see any reason why she won't outgrow that. They're keeping her right now to keep the Lemon Drop Kid filly company until she goes off to the track for training. Plan is in the fall they're going to let me know when other filly leaves and I'm going to take Lovely Surprise for 30-60 days. In that time I'll work on ground manners and introduce her to tack. Then I have 2 different friends already interested in taking her from there, possibly a few hunter jumper stables interested too. Also in the time I have her I'll have to work on getting her Jockey Club registration completed. She's been named and things have been processed but her application still shows as 'pending' so who knows what they're waiting for at the farm.

Fingers crossed everything works on getting Echo's papers and eventually taking Lovely Surprise on so she can become a show horse and give her dam a start to progeny records.


  1. Lovely looking filly, gorgeous head and has plenty to like in the confo shots.
    Best of luck getting all the paperwork sorted and playing with her for the summer. :)

    PS: We're going to need photo updates of all the lovely new equine purchases! How else are we supposed to know if we want the same things, :p

    1. Definitely will post some pictures!