June 22, 2013

Twinkle Toes

Dakota finally has shoes on again!!! Lets all take a moment to cross our fingers and send threatening thoughts to him if he pulls them off in less than 6 weeks. I cannot wait to ride him more now.

Echo's getting few more days off. Where Dr Friend did caslisk stitches she's really swollen still and I don't want to force her into moving and risk tearing something. So last night she got a good grooming and I braided her mane in big braids hoping to tame the stray hairs to the correct side of her neck. Hopefully she heals well under the tail and we can move on from nasty uterine infections.

I see nails!!!
Ready to go outside.

Tonight - Working until 9pm so no pony time tonight.
Sunday - Off work, lunge and ride Dakota - maybe outside riding.
Monday - Who knows...
Tuesday - Work late - probably not much pony time.
Wednesday - Work late - hopefully lunge Echo in the morning before work.
Thursday - Hopefully work with Echo if she's healed, if not maybe ride D.
Friday - Hopefully work with Echo if she's healed, if not maybe ride D.

1 Week until my birthday
1 Week until more Churchill Downs night racing
2 Weeks + 1 Day until Michigan / Kitties / Moving


  1. Great to hear that all is going so well, onwards and upwards with the pair of them! :)