June 2, 2013

My Life of Countdowns

Patience is not a virtue, to me at least, I despise waiting. Yet I find myself counting days.

3 Days - Jenny may or may-not show up to KY & determine if I'm going for 1 or 2 bedroom apartment and which location.
7 Days - Desk Moving at work - YAY
11 Days - my 2 four legged animals get off the horse trailer - YAY!!
13 Days - Night racing @ Churchill Downs
26 Days - I get to drive home to MI and see my cats - YAY!!!!!!! - Probably what I'm most anxious for, I need my fuzzbuckets to cuddle with at night.
27 Days - I'm 25.
29 Days - Drive back to KY / get my apartment.
32 Days - favorite holiday of the year.


  1. Great to have such wonderful things to look forward to! :D

  2. You are forgetting one amazing countdown (involving me!)!! My day has changed though, so I need to get with you on that, maybe some night racing could be involved????....

    1. I didn't know the date before! Silly!

  3. I have a hard time being patient when fun things are on the horizon as well!