June 19, 2013

Barn Chill Time

I was off of work on Monday without nothing to do really other than wait for the vet and go buy grain.

I slept in which was much needed. Then went out to help clean up tree branches from a tree that George had taken down earlier in the morning. Colleen and George took off to run errands so I stayed back at the barn to mess with the horses. 

I decided to take Echo out to the round pen for the first time since she's been here. She was feeling good and had fun plowing through the mud puddle in the round pen. By the end though she was doing really well - lowering her head, licking and chewing and actually listening to my commands.

I gave her a bath since she worked up a good sweat and took her out to hand graze in the shade while she dried off. One of the new boarders joined me on the picnic table and she held Echo and I got Dakota and we let them graze for a good hour and half and they loved every minute of it.

Sadly I had to separate the two in their turnout fields Monday night. Dakota was acting like a stallion and Echo didn't mind. They were together in Michigan but mostly Dakota took it all out of hand. They're right next to each other though and share a fence line so it helped make it less traumatic for Dakota.

Tuesday I had an awkward shift at work and didn't have much time for anything with the horses. On my way to work though, I did catch Echo passed out in her stall asleep. Clearly she was happy I wasn't going to be around to make her work!

Farrier and vet today, cross your fingers my ponies behave while I'm at work!

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