June 14, 2013

Up Close Updates

Wednesday's vet exam from Dr. Friend didn't go quite as well as I hoped. He got to the barn after I left for work too :( George however texted me to let me know that when he flushed her the fluid came back as quite dirty. Not too abnormal though for that to happen since the fluid he left in her from Tuesday is suppose to break down any build up in the uterus so the fact things are coming out is actually good. Other good news was her culture was still clean. Plan = Come back Thursday, flush again and hopefully caslisk then.

Thursday lets just say when your vet goes "Whoa did you see that" it's probably not good newes. Flush, again.

He's coming back out today to do another DMSO flush. We'll see how it goes but after yesterday I'm guessing he'll be out again tomorrow.


  1. Replies
    1. At least it's getting taken care of thoroughly this time :)

  2. No fun! I pulled a mare out of the KP several years ago that was so skinny she was peeing into herself. That lead to a horrible infection which was not a lot of fun to deal with. The silver lining was the people that put her in the KP in that state had been running her with a stud so I think the infection kept her from getting pregnant on top of her other issues.

    1. Maybe its a blessing she had it then and she didn't get pregnant!

      If Echo's flush isn't clean today I'm making sure I specifically address to see if she's pulling urine. I don't believe she is because her confirmation back there isn't THAT bad but you never know.

  3. Hope all goes well with whatever's next :/