June 21, 2013

Flushing No More!

Updates on Echo's uterine problems...

Well the vet didn't come Friday / Saturday as planned but it gave her a few day break from flushing so it worked out alright.

Monday he came back out to see how she was doing. We discussed the possibility of there being any bladder / kidney problems and he assured me he believed it was uterine and I should see a difference once the problem is cleared up. He gave her a mild sedative and let the student with him palpate her just for experience and ultra-sounded her ovaries again.

The flush came out WAY more clear than last weeks flushes. No chunks and debris or disturbing amounts of mucus.

He gave her Tuesday off from being flushed. Basically plan was if the flush looked that good on Wednesday he'd stitch her up and we'd be on our way.

So... he came out Wednesday, another clean flush but no sewing so today's the day!

Also she got trimmed Wednesday with no problems (Dakota gets shoes today instead).

Last night I lunged Echo in the round pen again and it was a lot dryer footing so she was a little better behaved. 

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